Al-Bayan platform for teaching the language of the Qur’an

A virtual educational nursery, It is concerned with teaching the Arabic language, And the Holy Qur’an, Islamic education for children of Arab communities in expatriate countries, In interactive ways and contemporary and modern methods, With approved and developed Arabic curricula, With a qualified and trained academic team.


About Albayan

Our vision

Unprecedented leadership in distance learning of the Arabic language. And spreading its culture among our children as an Islamic identity and a universal Quranic language.

Our message

Teaching the Arabic language remotely, And disseminating its culture to non-native speakers, This is done through the best educational curricula, modern technologies, and qualified competencies.

Why choose Al Bayan platform for your child?

It helps you raise your child by “memorizing the Holy Qur’an” and adopting his morals in acts of worship and dealings

Extensive experience in teaching the Holy Quran and the Arabic language spanning years all over the world.

We give your child the opportunity to learn from professional teachers who are scientifically and educationally qualified. Experienced and competent in dealing with children at different age stages.

Modern and advanced educational curricula to teach our children, Under the supervision of an elite group of educators

Continuous monitoring and evaluation of the child’s performance by supervisors to measure the extent of your child’s development with his teacher.

Why Arabic?

Arab communities in non-Arabic speaking countries are witnessing an increasing demand for learning the Arabic language. Because it is the language of the Qur’an and an indication of Islamic identity, In addition to our non-Arabic speaking children who are in dire need of this, Also, learning the Arabic language gives our children many advantages, “such as linguistic richness, And the cultural depth, geographical spread, And keeping pace with the future»

The most important characteristic of the Arabic language

الأكثر ثراءً على الإطلاق

One of the most widely spoken languages

The most consistent and stable being the language of the Qur’an

Exploring Arab culture and understanding the texts of the Islamic religion

One of the most important official languages of the United Nations

تشغيل الفيديو
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Male and female students
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