Ramadan Goodness Project

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About the project

In the month of goodness, giving and charity, Trade will be profitable with God by supporting our people in northern Syria. who live in harsh humanitarian conditions, With projects that bring joy to their hearts, such as “holding collective and individual iftars for those who are fasting,” “distributing food baskets and suhoor baskets,” “and distributing zakat al-Fitr and money,” and let us not forget the children and their joy at Eid; Where we “distribute clothing, sweets and gifts” to make their Eid different and make their hearts happy

Ramadan projects

Breakfast meals

We seek to make our brothers happy by distributing breakfast meals daily during the month of goodness to fasting families. Is there anything more beautiful than sharing your breakfast with needy Syrian families in northern Syria?

Ramadan baskets

Your goodness reaches those who deserve it; Where we distribute food baskets to the families of fasting people in northern Syria, The month of Ramadan or half of it is sufficient for them. Every basket is a relief for a family and a joy for the hearts of its members

Suhoor baskets

Your alms bear fruit and bring joy to the families of those fasting in northern Syria. By distributing suhoor baskets sufficient for the month of Ramadan or half of it. In order to reach the largest possible number.

Group breakfasts

Together we draw the most wonderful pictures of affection and solidarity by helping our brothers in northern Syria to perform their fast through the group iftar project and the educational and advocacy activities it includes.

Distribution of bread

We reduce the financial and psychological burden on our brothers in northern Syria by distributing bread to the families of those who are fasting daily before breakfast. In light of the difficult humanitarian and economic situation they are suffering from

Financial aid

We bring joy to needy families in northern Syria despite their severe need. By distributing sums of money to meet some of their needs and the needs of their children “from the zakat and charity of charitable people.”

Zakat al-Fitr

Amid the harshness of poverty and displacement, We alleviate the suffering of our brothers in northern Syria by distributing Zakat al-Fitr to those who deserve it before Eid al-Fitr. To be a joy for them and their families, It is purified for the fasting of the one who takes it out

Eid joy

We decorate Children's Day in northern Syria with an atmosphere of joy and happiness. By distributing Eid clothing, gifts, and some gifts. And bring joy to their hearts with entertainment trips full of fun and enjoyment

Visual content of the project

We draw a smile on the faces of our brothers in northern Syria in the season of goodness and giving. With projects “distribution of iftar meals for those who are fasting, Food baskets, suhoor baskets, and bread” to meet their needs during the holy month

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Distribution of fasting breakfast meals

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