Our projects


Decent shelter

We seek to shelter the most needy and poorest families in northern Syria in the Idlib countryside

With you, we achieve their dream of a safe home that protects them from the cold of winter and the heat of summer

Contribute to shelter them with goodness

Guaranteed apartments: 0

goal: 200 apartments


ways of living

We seek to extend charitable hands to support poor families in northern Syria. To provide them with an income that preserves their human dignity and their families, It moves them from the narrowness of poverty to the abundance of decent living.

Currently sponsored: 9 projects

goal: 100 projects


Winter warmth

We seek to be of assistance to our brothers in northern Syria. We should not leave them alone in the face of winter storms. “With your support,” we provide cladding, covers, and heating materials

Contribute and save a human life.

Access: 0

goal: Heating 5,000 families



We seek with him to revive a small soul that has lost the meaning of security and the elements of support. We contribute to compensating the orphans of the camps for what they lost as the only source of care and protection in this life.

Sponsored orphans: 0

goal: 20,000 orphans


Educational sponsorship for orphans

We seek through goodness and giving to help them complete their path to education. We aim to educate approximately “1,600 orphans” (in the Idlib countryside) and give the orphan an opportunity to create a bright tomorrow for himself and his nation.

Sponsored orphans: 0

goal: 10,000 students are orphans