University Imam Ouzai

For more than forty years, the Lebanese Imam Ouzai University has continued its scientific giving. The Dar Al Uloom Endowment – the official university agent in Turkey – continues to enroll students in the Faculties of Islamic Studies and Business Administration. For the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels



College of Islamic Studies

The Islamic Educational Center established the Imam Al-Awza’i College for Islamic Studies to be concerned with teaching and studying Islam and what is related to it


College of Business Administration

Those concerned with the application of Islam in our contemporary society have noticed a clear lack of applied economic studies of Islam. Therefore, the Endowment of the Islamic Educational Center decided to establish the “College of Islamic Business Administration.”

جامعة الأوزاعي (تركيا) في أرقام

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طالـــــبًا وطالبـــــة

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الطلاب المتخرجين

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طلاب الدراسات الإسلامية

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طلاب إدارة الأعمال

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طلاب الدراسات العليا

University confessions

The Lebanese Imam Ouzai University received several recommendations from major educational institutions in the Arab world and Turkey. It is distinguished by its ancient history, which history has witnessed over the past years.

University advantages

Study in Arabic

The university is recognized by the Lebanese Higher Education, the International Union of Universities and the Turkish Higher Education.

Study by association without the need for continuous attendance

Examination once a year, An exceptional session exam for some students

Special discounts for Syrian and Palestinian students

Online lessons for the most important subjects that are difficult for the student to understand

History of Imam Ouzai University – Türkiye

Imam Al-Awzai University has a long history, academic fame and international recognition

For inquiries and registration from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 05:00 pm