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Our field teams go to the disaster site to provide a shadow for everyone in need. We treat the wounded and rescue those stuck in the snow or under rubble, “such as the earthquake disaster in northern Syria.” We don’t leave after disaster, Rather, we stay to provide them with shelter and provide the necessary support in the form of heaters, food, medicines, etc

About the project

Urgent response projects
Blizzard response
For those affected in tents in northern Syria

We set out on the wing of hope for an urgent response. To provide relief to our brothers in northern Syria, After the storm that struck the people on January 19, 2022, It made most people, especially those in tents, cover themselves with snow. With your support, we provided in-kind and material assistance and shelters. We were a support and help to them, thanks to God

Earthquake response
For those affected by the earthquake in northern Syria

We launched an urgent response to provide relief to our brothers affected by the devastating earthquake disaster. People were forced to live in the open without shelter. To raise the needs of reality and mitigate the impact of disaster, Through your support, we were able to provide the tools and supplies needed by thousands of victims and afflicted people smoothly and urgently

تشغيل الفيديو
Sudan's flood response
For those affected by floods in Sudan

After the devastating flood disaster in Sudan, which was devastating and affected thousands of families and destroyed their homes and neighborhoods, We set out to help our brothers there. Through your support, we were able to provide in-kind and material assistance. We helped mitigate the impact of the disaster. With your support, God willing, we will be able to save more lives

تشغيل الفيديو
Response to the stricken Gaza
For the people affected by the Zionist aggression

The Dar Al Uloom Endowment launched the Urgent Response Project for our people in Palestine. In cooperation with the Turkish AFAD Foundation
He (peace be upon him) said: (The believer to the believer is like a building that supports one another.) This is our duty towards them and to respond to the call of their children, women and elders.

Urgent response
For those affected by earthquakes in northern Syria

After the massive destruction caused by the devastating earthquake, our field teams raced to provide the necessary support to those affected by the disaster. meet their immediate needs, Providing health and medical supplies to hospitals and clinics, In addition to heating materials, blankets and tents for victims who were displaced by the earthquake